Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blog Presentations

Blog Presentations start on Tuesday, and will run in the following order:

Tuesday 1st May

2.00 Kimberley Beeching
2.20 Matt Blackler
2.40 Charlie Boyer
3.00 Cornelius Brady
3.20 Zoe Crosse
3.40 Ben Edge
4.00 Sara Eustace
4.20 David Freeth
4.40 Gwen Galpin
5.00 Peter Gilbert

Tuesday 8th May

2.00 Paul Good
2.20 Sara Graham & Amy Jowett
2.40 Rie Hale
3.00 Giles Hinchcliff
3.20 Graham Hughes
3.40 Fiona Hunter-Boyd
4.00 Yuki Ishikawa
4.20 Chao-Mi Ko
4.40 Sarah Leader

Tuesday 15th May

2.00 Siobhán McDermott
2.20 Wendy McLean
2.40 Jay Patel
3.00 Tim Pratt
3.20 Claudia Stenhouse
3.40 Marek Szostaczko
4.00 Julia Tester
4.20 Thomas Tuke
4.40 Deniz Unal
5.00 Kirsty Wood


Hi Everyone. Sorry this is such late notice.

Today from 6.00pm I will be filming in my studio space. (Mon 30th)
I will also be filming from 8am tomorrow morning. (Tue 1st May)
And from 8am Wednesday morning. (Wed 2nd May)
Duration of all will last from 1 hour to 1.30 hours.
I really need to do it in my space and have chosen these times as not to interrupt anyone too much.

I’m not asking that you don’t use the studio, just that you’re wary of filming, Im going to put some tape up to barrier off the area I’m using (it shouldn’t be too big)

Thank you very much.

Also, this is very late too, but I saw Deniz on Friday and she asked me to pass on her blog address.

Thanks everyone so much, you're all stars. See you later


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A few things of note!

check out deviant art 2007

W.S.Bartletts closing party on Friday, till 4/5 in the morning, art gallery/bands/DJs it's next to beth green station, right before the comedy club, see you proping up beer bottles and smoking fags there.

Projection gallery comes to London, Projection gallery has found a temporary London hame after showing at the prague "Mixed Kultura" for "Kultural Ginak" and will be launching some vids at a new space "Ashwin Basement Project" (working title) on Thursday 3rd as part of the whitechaple first Thursdays, if All goes well we'll be doing a three month residensy where we take over the space on the third thursday of each month and turn it into a cinema with popcorn candyfloss and everything, so for the film makers amoung you get yer thinking caps on as we will be in the market for yer' vids.
Size isn't everything


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

charlie lookalikes

please click on the strange looking rectangle for the link. very funny.

Paul Bunyan

I've always liked Paul Bunyan... Maybe it's the shirt


Sunday, April 22, 2007

This be the Abyss

Philip Larkin - This Be The Verse

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another's throats.

Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don't have any kids yourself.

The Collective – This be the Abyss.

It fucks you up, this critical art.
It does mean to, well and true.
It might have soul but has no heart,
And wants to make a fool of you.

But it was fucked up in its time,
By those melancholic years.
The static leap of Yves Kline,
And Bas Jan Ader’s silent tears.

Man hands on misery to man.
Self portraits crave a Judas kiss.
Drink as quickly as you can,
And don’t be scared of the Abyss.

Just practising some appropriation. Hope you like it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

It gets better and better! check out
look under p for painting.

The Van Gogh Project is a series of Big Easel paintings based on Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower Paintings. Each sculpture consists of a colossal hand-painted reproduction of one of the seven Sunflower Paintings, measuring an impressive 7 x 10 metres, which rests on a 25 metre,17,000 kilogram steel easel. The first Easel was erected in Altona, Canada on October 17, 1998. The second was finished and erected on November 8, 1999 in Emerald, Australia. The third easel was successfully proposed to the city of Goodland and the State of Kansas, USA. Construction began in the spring of 2000. Discussions are currently underway in South Africa, and Japan for future sites.

The intent of this project is to reproduce all seven of Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower Paintings in seven different countries spanning the globe. These seven paintings were originally created by Vincent van Gogh during his stay in Arles, France between the years 1888-1889.

The seven sites selected by Cross have a connection to sunflower agriculture or connection to Van Gogh himself. The project will serve to make the cities involved sister cities. The sites will range from rural to urban, with populations ranging from several thousand to several million.

Each painting takes approximately a month and a half to complete, which involves 10 to 12 hour work days.

The project was started in the spring of 1997. When complete, the project is expected to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Text from website

More large things . . .

Warrenton, Virginia. (Notice the photographers name!?)

Gumeracha, Adelaide Hills.

Largest Rolling Pin, Wodogo, Victoria.

Rifle, Ishpemming, Michigan.

Rum Bottle, Bunderburg.

The Big Lobster, Kingston, South Africa.

Tourist Information.


Largest Guitar, Tamworth, New South Wales

Largest Cowboy Boot, Edmonton, Alberta.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hi guys, sorry I have another favour to ask - I'm short of notebooks for my painting, and I really need to block them in, and I dont want to repeat any, does anyone have any more? Thank you everyone who's already given them to me, its still going to take a bit longer. I need any type not necessary fancy or mundane, just normal and everyday - in fact what ever it that people use, and carry around with them. Cheers, wends x

Better check quickly!


I'm not sure if it'll be up for long
Blogger are not letting me add to it anymore.
It's in cold storage until they figure out if it's o.k. for me to BLOG in the way I want too.
On reflection, they're prob. right, blogging is a from of self publishing and using it to publish random notes I've found due to a set of stupidly overcomplicated rules is no good to any one, in my defence this is the way I would like to publis in at the moment.

Any way if they do ban me I'll have to go over to wordpress and will let you'll know



Incase the easter bunny didn't turn up over the past few weeks attached in tattoo form to the knee of jerome a cheerer from calaforina who knows it's much harder than american football and has been deaf from birth . . . he is talking to you in sign whilst his mother sits rocking in the corner hurling insults at strangers.

This picture is copy righted to gelitin so the bracketted message is for them ( I like your work and want to show people, I've emailed your gallery but no reply as yet! if you or your gallery wish me to remove it email back and I'll delete the post). It's a picture of the bunny being knitted out of pink wool by a 1000 grannies sourced from all of the Gelitins' fan base while the artists lie on top recovering from the agony of having been to freeze with lit candles up thier 'how's your farther? oh err misses! cor blimey' rear passages dropping hot wax all over the place, whilst managing to get 100s of people strip down to thier birthday suites in the Gagosian brittannia street for s**ts and giggles, surrounded by junk mountains on top of which the first comes drank champers oblivious of the watcher seeing the rest arrive to scrumpy and wine served with flatbread pizza completely supprised by the neuvo-high clambering black to reality once thier bubbly ran out to see the naked and happy partying in inches of thier own sweat.
This next pic is the now complete bunny (i screen grabbed it from google, which can be done anytime on a pc by pressing Ctrl Prnt Scrn)on a mountain in Italy, where it will be till 2025 when the wool will disintegrate. Click on it and you'll be transported to google earth where you can zoom in to it your self, It's right of the middle co kind of opposite to the album written by the awkward looking girl from neighbours that went out with mike, you know, not "locamotion lady" the next one, brunette, by kind of I mean exacty the same but the 'LEFT' is now right. Well it's a pic.

So any way this started as hope you all had a good easter, and chocolate bunnies/eggs all round this one is for you old school Warhol Fans. It's almost impossible to right anything without being to talk about the old codger, he spread it about a bit. But seriously big pink bunny which you can visit, climb and tear bits off to take home and sell on ebay (I'm not advocating the destruction of public art, or the profiting of other peoples {grannies and wax pant artists} hard labour) is a stunning piece of work and so is ...

Dieter Roth, Chocolate Lion (Self-Portrait as a Lion), 1971.

Which is fantastic, soz'bout pic quality any way getting back to the point

Easter - Wicked

Check out my Secret Correspondence it's changed a bit, pick a number between 1-100 find it, they are in a random order, and read.


any way 'nuff ranting


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Next Week

The subject of next week’s lecture/seminar will be on How to Gather & Annotate Material. This will follow on from the previous few seminars on technical writing and will hopefully help you all with your blogs.

Nico & Charlie

Thursday, April 12, 2007


After Rie's post I was a little confused as to where Hot Cross Buns come from, and as I have eaten a whole family of the little curranted beauties this Easter I thought I should find out - This is what I found from

Hot cross buns
The Greeks and Egyptians ate small cakes or buns in honour of the respective goddesses that they worshipped. Buns marked with a cross were eaten by the Saxons to honour their goddess Eostre - it is thought the bun represented the moon and the cross the moon's quarters. To Christians, the cross symbolises the crucifixion.

Also, thinking about words, images and meaning. Could 'Hot Cross Bun' be translated into 'Plait on Fire'? or am I being completely silly?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The real meaning of Easter


Let us not forget what Easter is really about.....

Sunday, April 08, 2007

More rather large things . . .

Sorry had to post this, this person I've borrowed (stolen) these from is my new favourite friend, I just had to show you, bear with me . . .

Worlds Largest Roadside Attractions;

Largest Carrot, Ohakune, New Zealand.

Largest Sheep, Goulbourn, New South Wales.

Largest Cow, New Salem, North Dakota.

Giant Pineapple, Nambour, Queensland.
If anyone has myspace, join this persons page; keeps me amused . . .!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A stumble

Hello Everybody!

Unfortunately I don't have any interesting Easter Facts to share, but loving the ones being posted!! To be honest I'm not that familiar with Easter - I mean I've live through a few years of Easters just never seem to get it quite right - on Friday I kept thinking that I should eat a pancake - but that'sa bit muddled isn't it as pancake day was in Febraury, wasn't it?

Anywhoo, what was I gonna say - ah, yes. I was fereting around on the web for some information on a book about Yves Klein, called 'Yves Klein' (is very good) when I happened to stumble across this web page

I believe it's actually a blog. The content (space, reflection, essays etc) is something Im really interested in anyway. I haven't actually read any of it properly just skimmed through the images and titles as I don't want it to distract me too much from what Im writing now, however.....

it is basically a blog in the form of a curated gallery which is what we have to do.

I thought it might come in useful as a reference.

It looks like it's been developed by students or perhaps a student from an MA Arts course. It might be interesting as well to read some of the essays on there?

Have a Great evening


Friday, April 06, 2007

Wendy, love the giant choc' egg. Here is a bit of East Egg trivia...

Eggs and Easter have almost become synonymous.
But what is so special in an egg?

It is the influence of the traditional spring rites that made Easter so egg-special. And myths coming down to us from an incredibly distant past have shown man's relationship with the egg to be very deep seated one. This is caught in old Latin proverb: Omne vivum ex ovo. This means "all life comes from an egg". Not just the Latin saying, eggs are just laid well over all corners of the world. From ancient India to Polynesia, from Iran, Greece, and Phonecia to Latvia, Estonia, and Finland, from Central America to the west coast of South America, there are reports of myths of the whole universe created out of an egg. Thus, it is not unusual that in almost all ancient cultures eggs had been held as an emblem of life.

In Europe an egg was hung on New Year trees, on Maypoles, and on St. John's trees in midsummer. Indeed, all meant egg as a symbol of the regenerative forces of nature. Later during the Christian period, it was believed that eggs laid on Good Friday, if kept for a hundred years, would have their yolks turn to diamond. If Good Friday eggs were cooked on Easter they would promote the fertility of the trees and crops and protect against sudden deaths. And, if you would find two yolks in an Easter egg, be sure, you're going to be rich soon. That's
what they believed!

Eggs were said to be dyed and eaten at the spring festivals in ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome. The Persians of that time gave eggs as gifts at the vernal equinox. But it is not very clear how those colored eggs have come in to dominate the Easter basket. In fact, they have become so popular with the Easter celebration, that they even started to dominate the ancient concepts of the symbolism of eggs. It is speculated that it was introduced in Europe, or, rather Western Europe, during the course of the fifteenth century. This was when missionaries or knights of the Crusades are thought to have brought in the concept of the coloring of eggs westwards.

In medieval times there was a superstition: the church bells which had not been heard since Holy Thursday had been to Rome for the Pope's blessings and returned on Easter Eve with colored eggs for everyone. Many of the eggs were dyed red. Red was in memory joyous Easter celebration. Or it was to honor the blood that Christ shed. During the strict Lenten fast of forty days no eggs were eaten. And to show that they have obeyed families

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Easter!!

For Fans Of Chocolate Eggs

The Belgian chocolate producer Guylian made the chocolate egg with at least 50.000 bars on behalf of the city of St. Niklaas.The egg measured 8.32 metres high and beats the record of Kwazulu-Natal in South-Africa in 1996. That egg was 7.65 metres high.Twenty-six craftsman worked altogether 525 hours to build the egg. They needed 1950 kg of chocolates.Alderman Urbain Vercauteren of the city of St.Niklaas said the egg wasn't meant to be eaten.He said: "After a week outside in all weather conditions, I don't think it would be very tasteful."

Feedback Please!!

Hi guys.

i just wanted to know what you thought about a project i've been mulling over in my head for the l;ast couple of months. it's a biggie.

i want to build a library. the concept being that instead of the books being suggested due to acadmic relevance or whatever, each book is picked by a person, along with a paragraph as to how this books has helped them in a time of need, these paragraphs would then be put into the front pages of each book, and the catalogueing would be relevant to the ways in which it helped the person ie: marital difficulties, mid life crises, illness, etc. i think this would give the library a much more human look on life than other libraries, and the extra texts inside would give them much more relevance.

i'm going to be working on this for at least the next year or two, applying for funding spaces etc, so any input would be really appreciated at this point. i hope to build the website over the summer and be collecting suggestions from then onwards.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

posting a pic as a comment

Is there an easy way to post a picture as a comment. I've been trying to do this on Tim's blog as I think that's what is desired (Is it, Tim?) and I ain't even getting close....


PS I'm addicted to that bloody pollock thing... the easter hol will fly by!