Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Feedback Please!!

Hi guys.

i just wanted to know what you thought about a project i've been mulling over in my head for the l;ast couple of months. it's a biggie.

i want to build a library. the concept being that instead of the books being suggested due to acadmic relevance or whatever, each book is picked by a person, along with a paragraph as to how this books has helped them in a time of need, these paragraphs would then be put into the front pages of each book, and the catalogueing would be relevant to the ways in which it helped the person ie: marital difficulties, mid life crises, illness, etc. i think this would give the library a much more human look on life than other libraries, and the extra texts inside would give them much more relevance.

i'm going to be working on this for at least the next year or two, applying for funding spaces etc, so any input would be really appreciated at this point. i hope to build the website over the summer and be collecting suggestions from then onwards.



Blogger Julia Tester said...

That sounds a very interesting library. There have been some projects abit like this. Just last year the R4 programme Woman`s Hour held a competition to find the book which contributors found to have been most useful in times of stress, emotional need,etc, so not a million miles from your idea.There were some wonderful stories attached to suggestions. It would be a great idea, as your trawl would probably cover a wider spectrum of people as collection time would be longer. Good Luck, Julia

7:26 pm  
Blogger Rie said...

I think it's a lovely idea Giles, and probably quite fascinating in terms of natural categories (and source of reference) that would be formed ....

How would you collect these references? Would it be in various languages? I'd imagine the people who contributed would have to be from all walks of life and cultures to ensure an eclectic mix of texts ....although maybe not!? Intriguing.... would it be limited to books or "language", generally?

7:15 pm  

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