Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Really good exhibition!

Hi Everyone!
The other week in an afternoon class I was trying to describe an exhibit I saw At the Tate Britain - but not very well. I found some info from the Tate Web Site and have copied and pasted it. They have some really good stuff at the mo - I reckon it's definately worth taking a treck down to see it.

Tim Head (Room 31)

Tim Head works with a wide range of media ? from painting to photography and installation. His art creates environments that shift between objective fact and subjective experience.

Displacements (1975-6) is comprised of three projected photographs of this room, that incorporate real everyday objects and the room itself. Each projected image is ?displaced? away from the original position in which it was photographed. The objects were chosen by Head to particularise these displacements.

The installation explores the artist?s interest in space and time, and develops differences between reality and representation. For example, the actual clock alongside its photographed image registers the time gap between the taking of the photograph and the ?time? in the present. The mirrors reflect not only the space, but the viewers as they move through the room.

The simultaneous presence of physical, projected and reflected space ?activates? the installation and creates a dense multi-layered experience. The artist?s intention was to stimulate the viewer?s imagination. Head said, ?It seems to me closer to the way things are ? Your own physical presence is not only an integral part of what you are looking at but actually alters it?.
This display has been devised by curator Lizzie Carey-Thomas

There is also some work there based on beachy head by an artist called Roger Hiorns who did this:

7 June - 31 August 2003Tate Britain,

Im not sure if that worked - there should be an image here (it's a a steel grate set on fire anyhow)
Installation at Tate Britain. © the artist and Corvi-Mora, London
'Roger Hiorns makes works of art whose particular aesthetic lies somewhere between the representational and non-representational, and so disrupts our expectations of the boundaries between them. His sculptures have a seemingly straightforward, functional material presence, but this is always combined with an element which provides a sense of the imaginary, the poetic or the esoteric. The tension between these two aspects is a vital part of Hiorns' work.'

O.k So the actual piece above and the description aren't at the Tate now but he did another piece which is at the TAte Britain.
(The images are above!!! Ive just seen them - they're at the very top of this post!! - I don't understand how they got there but I don't want to disturb them so possibly scroll up a bit if they've dissapeared from view.)
If I don't see you before I hope you all get some nice eggs from the Easter Bunny! Happy Easter!




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