Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hi Matt

I'm not sure I completely understand, but i'll have a go anyway.

I think we are made up of influences, but I think we also have our own intellectual and creative imput that could be inate from birth. Or could these also be made up of influences? Or possibly a mixture of influence and what we are born with and how we develop. I also think things such as madness could influence the space and artist occupies.

Prey tell me what you think? Or have I completely got hold of the wrong end of the stick??



Blogger Matt said...

hi there gwen,
thanks for looking at the blog (the small amount that it contained!)
I think that you certainly have got a handle on the stick and certainly not the wrong end!
In concern to the editor's note on my blog, i agree that to an extent we are indeed quintessentially individual. However i feel that the doctrines that set out to assess such subjective things can simplify such matters. certainly the example of madness that you mentioned i would not discuss in any didactic form as i believe it's a vast and complex area, however i do not disagree that madness could be powering us artists!!

The ideas that you mentioned seemed to be linked with the ideas around 'nature versus nurture' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nature_versus_nurture). which can also be seen in a lipstick advert;
'maybe she was born will it, maybe it's maybelline'!

And I would certainly not disgard the genetic/id of an individual of the above however i have touched on my reservations that they can become irrevelant.

- At best all thought is be taken with a pinch of salt. -

It is for this reserve that i have sided with the 'nurture' side with this blog and thus asking the reader, you may recall the first word is 'if', to consider this proposal that we may all be a crossroad of varied influences. This is certainly not a theory that i would stake into the heart of the assessment of mankind, rather an indicator of concept of the blog.

i think that the idea of influence can be especially useful when considering artists as although indeed we all draw our influences from many a place...but certainly when you study at this level you conform to a common concensus as such. In this way your art practice may be assessed and altered more than many other sections of your life, though this is certainly not a bad thing it does feed back to the original idea of us being a collation of influences, even if those influences are from our own from our experiences, genetic make-up etcetera.

i hope this has helped, i am happy to discuss it further in any of its aspects. i do have a tendency to talk sh*t much of the time so don't fear asking again!

cheers, matt

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