Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A few things of note!

check out deviant art 2007

W.S.Bartletts closing party on Friday, till 4/5 in the morning, art gallery/bands/DJs it's next to beth green station, right before the comedy club, see you proping up beer bottles and smoking fags there.

Projection gallery comes to London, Projection gallery has found a temporary London hame after showing at the prague "Mixed Kultura" for "Kultural Ginak" and will be launching some vids at a new space "Ashwin Basement Project" (working title) on Thursday 3rd as part of the whitechaple first Thursdays, if All goes well we'll be doing a three month residensy where we take over the space on the third thursday of each month and turn it into a cinema with popcorn candyfloss and everything, so for the film makers amoung you get yer thinking caps on as we will be in the market for yer' vids.


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