Thursday, April 19, 2007


Incase the easter bunny didn't turn up over the past few weeks attached in tattoo form to the knee of jerome a cheerer from calaforina who knows it's much harder than american football and has been deaf from birth . . . he is talking to you in sign whilst his mother sits rocking in the corner hurling insults at strangers.

This picture is copy righted to gelitin so the bracketted message is for them ( I like your work and want to show people, I've emailed your gallery but no reply as yet! if you or your gallery wish me to remove it email back and I'll delete the post). It's a picture of the bunny being knitted out of pink wool by a 1000 grannies sourced from all of the Gelitins' fan base while the artists lie on top recovering from the agony of having been to freeze with lit candles up thier 'how's your farther? oh err misses! cor blimey' rear passages dropping hot wax all over the place, whilst managing to get 100s of people strip down to thier birthday suites in the Gagosian brittannia street for s**ts and giggles, surrounded by junk mountains on top of which the first comes drank champers oblivious of the watcher seeing the rest arrive to scrumpy and wine served with flatbread pizza completely supprised by the neuvo-high clambering black to reality once thier bubbly ran out to see the naked and happy partying in inches of thier own sweat.
This next pic is the now complete bunny (i screen grabbed it from google, which can be done anytime on a pc by pressing Ctrl Prnt Scrn)on a mountain in Italy, where it will be till 2025 when the wool will disintegrate. Click on it and you'll be transported to google earth where you can zoom in to it your self, It's right of the middle co kind of opposite to the album written by the awkward looking girl from neighbours that went out with mike, you know, not "locamotion lady" the next one, brunette, by kind of I mean exacty the same but the 'LEFT' is now right. Well it's a pic.

So any way this started as hope you all had a good easter, and chocolate bunnies/eggs all round this one is for you old school Warhol Fans. It's almost impossible to right anything without being to talk about the old codger, he spread it about a bit. But seriously big pink bunny which you can visit, climb and tear bits off to take home and sell on ebay (I'm not advocating the destruction of public art, or the profiting of other peoples {grannies and wax pant artists} hard labour) is a stunning piece of work and so is ...

Dieter Roth, Chocolate Lion (Self-Portrait as a Lion), 1971.

Which is fantastic, soz'bout pic quality any way getting back to the point

Easter - Wicked

Check out my Secret Correspondence it's changed a bit, pick a number between 1-100 find it, they are in a random order, and read.


any way 'nuff ranting



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