Thursday, April 12, 2007


After Rie's post I was a little confused as to where Hot Cross Buns come from, and as I have eaten a whole family of the little curranted beauties this Easter I thought I should find out - This is what I found from

Hot cross buns
The Greeks and Egyptians ate small cakes or buns in honour of the respective goddesses that they worshipped. Buns marked with a cross were eaten by the Saxons to honour their goddess Eostre - it is thought the bun represented the moon and the cross the moon's quarters. To Christians, the cross symbolises the crucifixion.

Also, thinking about words, images and meaning. Could 'Hot Cross Bun' be translated into 'Plait on Fire'? or am I being completely silly?


Blogger Rie said...

Sarah thats enlightening, really! Thanks for that...

For the second year running, I spent Good Friday in Belgium and still continue my search for the 'hot cross bun'. My girlfriend thinks I'm a little insane, running to every baker shop window, to be disappointed when the only thing visible are broken eggs shells and yellow fluffy chickens pierced through the tops of badly decorated iced cakes.

Anyway, to substantiate my sanity, I shall send your link to my girlfriend, whereby I will appropriate it's meaning (and my actions) as a symbol of love....ha!

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