Saturday, April 07, 2007

A stumble

Hello Everybody!

Unfortunately I don't have any interesting Easter Facts to share, but loving the ones being posted!! To be honest I'm not that familiar with Easter - I mean I've live through a few years of Easters just never seem to get it quite right - on Friday I kept thinking that I should eat a pancake - but that'sa bit muddled isn't it as pancake day was in Febraury, wasn't it?

Anywhoo, what was I gonna say - ah, yes. I was fereting around on the web for some information on a book about Yves Klein, called 'Yves Klein' (is very good) when I happened to stumble across this web page

I believe it's actually a blog. The content (space, reflection, essays etc) is something Im really interested in anyway. I haven't actually read any of it properly just skimmed through the images and titles as I don't want it to distract me too much from what Im writing now, however.....

it is basically a blog in the form of a curated gallery which is what we have to do.

I thought it might come in useful as a reference.

It looks like it's been developed by students or perhaps a student from an MA Arts course. It might be interesting as well to read some of the essays on there?

Have a Great evening



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