Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The real meaning of Easter


Let us not forget what Easter is really about.....


Blogger sarah el said...

Hey Rie!

Im feeling very confused!

I know at this stage I should be able to read an image but im caplunked! When you say don't forget the meaning of Easter - do you mean Hot Cross Buns? or do you mean the crosses on the buns with ref to Jesus'Cross? or both- is it a conundrum. Where do hot cross buns come from - and I don't mean like what shop - 'ang on a min - am gonna google.
O.k if you type hot cross bun search into msn it comes up with Nigela Lawson - gonna give it another whirl see what happens. Found something - is not very enlightening but am gonna post it on the blog.
I think your original post is playing with words and image that should make sense but bounce off eachother because they are mysterious in their own right, which I like. And i didn't really know so now Ive found out a little. So ive done what your statement asked.
Cheers Rie!

1:38 pm  

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