Monday, July 23, 2007

Private view this Wednesday: The Vanity Show
The Crypt Gallery - St Pancreas


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

exhibitionist opertunity!

Please find below a email from Calum F. Kerr,
performance artist! Great for those born in 1977

Hi there, below are details of a performance you can
be part of if born in 1977,so if you are not please
pass to somebody you know who is. Email address below
but you can reply to this too! Calumxx

Are You a Punk Baby?

Were you born in 1977?

If you were born in 1977 and would like to sing a
medley of 1977 Punk songs then read on.

You will be in a public event, as part of a choir
singing punk songs (you do not need to be able to
sing) on the evening of THURSDAY 12 JULY.

When did Punk begin, 1975, 1976? We can be sure that
by the Silver Jubilee year of 1977 it was alive,
spitting and close to splitting.

For one night help it be born again as: PUNK CHORUS 77
Led by chorus master - Calum F. Kerr (who is too old to

No fee but you will receive a badge and expenses if you
are travelling to the event within London.

Also you will need to be available for group rehearsals
in Dalston, London on one of the following days -
FRIDAY 6TH JULY & WEDNESDAY 11TH JULY, times dependent
on interest “ Rehearsals will be short, so will the songs.

Then everyone will assemble at the ADA St gallery at 5PM
on JULY 12th. Anybody can join as long as they are born
in 1977, going to the rehearsals is recommended to get
the set list and a CD.

To express interest throw a gob of spittle the way of
Calum at:

Bring some nostalgia to a major modern happening
“ Punk: a Directory of Modern Subversive Culture,
all the details are here -