Sunday, February 17, 2008

The spivs @ Gibbos

For those of you that missed it, The Spivs (Ben Edge and Steve Coley) have started a bi-weekly residency at Gibbos bar shoreditch, every second saturday. My advice is get down there! You're not going to know what you're in for as the line up is always changing but the night ends with "THE SPIVS" and that is IMPORTANT!

Gibbos formally Montunos (the Jazzist bar around, had fantastic open mic jazz session on a monday where the glitterati of the jazz world gathered and played ad hoc mixes of experimental jazz and jazz singers met the circuit) formally The spiral staircase (a dark gay bar, dark as in they saw no need for light in the establishment). In between it being Gibbos and it being Montunos it was a fairly unsuccessful restaurant, whose name has slipped from my memory).

Here we find Ben Edge busily painting away in his studio space, isn't he cute, Unfortunately he had shaved for the gig and looked like a flashy black-marketeer, the french guy from the matrix movies, the one that keeps vampires and ghosts as friends and get gorgeous women to go down on him in club toilets. Which incidentally happened a lot when it was the spiral staircase, not to Ben, just on the premises, well maybe to Ben I haven't asked him yet.

I chatted to Steve (also clean shaved for the gig) about the drumming . . .

Sayshun Jay: You like them more than food, I guess?

Steve Coley: They are food! Eat drums! Eat cymbals!

Sayshun Jay: How symbolic!

Beautiful fucking Steve plays drums as if possessed by fucking Satan. The Duo play of each other well on stage and really get the crowd going.
And while we're on about the crowd, the crowd was full of characters, I found myself repeatedly shouting "get your Cock OUT!" while the geezer next to me (name left out on purpose) shouted "Deep THROAT", crazy girl chucked her shoes away and bopped bare feet.

and the night need not end there with Rock-A-Billy Rebels at Ye Olde Axe it being a saturday night, you're in Shoreditch don't try and party, just PARTY! £5 12 - 6


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