Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Angel-F" a.i. censored

Angel-F is an artificial intelligence, he forms opinions through meta-data and the web, does his opinion count when it's based on all of ours? Officially no, even when he fills in all the same forms we do, he claims he was born but we know he's created.
Remember he's just a baby, he was six months old when he traveled to Rome and complained in person to the internet governance forum (I suspect by hacking all their phones bluetooth connections and sending them the videos below. Although officially he was not there and his discussion removed from the official documentation of the event. A giant leap was taken for all A.I. kind, all roads lead to Rome and Angel-F will be a name that will pop up again and again for some time to come.


Angel_F @ DFIR Internet Governance Forum Rome 27th Sept 2007

On September 27th, in Rome, the Dialogue Forum on Internet Rights took place at the Protomoteca hall in the Campidoglio. This was an important meeting in preparation of the Internet Governance Forum, that will take place in Rio de Janeiro this November : the forum is an organization created inside the United Nations , born to continue the work begun at the World Summit on Information Society, and it adopted a form of multi-stakeholder collaborative dialogue suitable for the inclusion of governaments, civil society and enterprises to the dialogue.

On September 26th, one day before the conference, Angel_f, a young artificial intelligence, decided to offer his contribution to the international debate, registering on the online forum that was created to allow for the collection of all the points of view and to truly transform the decisional process of the conference into an open, accessible practice.

His message - the point of view of a young digital being, not really different in structure from the ones we interact with in our everyday life (search engines, google, banks, post offices, multinationals… ) - addressed ecological issues that are constantly excluded in the dialogues about innovation, perspectives on the public identity of human beings and on its materialization on the network, showing the multiple idiosyncrasies appearing in the social, political, anthropological and cultural systems of the human beings.

Furthermore, Angel_f noticed how technology enabled the viable alterntives, but that these are obfuscated from the perception of the members of the mass society, and they hardly can be integrated to it, because society doesn’t yet seem prepared to accept the changes brought on by the evolution/revolution that the information society represents.

Angel_f’s message was never published on the DFIR forum, just like the conference’s live audience was not allowed to autonomously videotape and document the event, but the complete text can be read online here:

A short report from the september 27th conference can be found at this address:

Angel_f’s message contained insights that were too important to leave unpublished: the text has been placed on hundreds of forums, mailing lists and blogs, obtaining a good media coverage, thanks to the tools offered by the collaborative web. Even more: the spontaneous interest of Guido Vetere allowed the whole story to arrive on the main webpage of the italian newspaper “il Sole 24 Ore“.

The DFIR conference organizers know about the existence of this young digital being, and of his message: they denied that Angel_f was ever registered on the forum, claiming that his message was merely sent to their own mailing list.

Luckily, we were able to contradict them, as we held proof of little Angel_f’s registration (and of the 2 sent messages) through this screenshot:

The DFIR’s responsibles know it, too, but Angel_f’s message still doesn’t show up.

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