Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bas Jan Ader

Turn the music off, I don't know who put it on...(It wasn't Bas Jan Ader!)

Friday, October 27, 2006

My walk

Voices, laughter, chilling air, darkness void space contrasting with neon illuminating glowing sparkling all around. I wander into it tentatively looking furtive.
Can i believe it at last at last it is no illusion, harsh divide, tedious distance. Glass, glass, glass and more glass full of promise and excitement.
A few more hesitant steps in the distance a line of excillerating neon straight ahead and more up to the right. I feel cast down, the dark shadyness of the pavement feels truer than the flashing sparkling all around. Unparallaled supreme joy.
A few more steps entrancing and enticing, highest heavens, oblivion of the world then more steps into glassy brightness and blackness. Mags, dvd's for sale, worldly rays of empty rapture, sparkling on the glass behind me reminds me of the bitter seperateness as i move from one glassy promise of satisfaction to more more more more strip more more more unobtainable pleasure. Walk further down seperation, barriers to sweetest highest joy. Yet another neon glow, videos, mags,stiptease,aromas, dvd's, cd-roms, xxxdvdxxx, harmony, keep walking in a glowy whirl.
Lies of daylight power and profit are scattered like barren dust. The sun sets setting us free from the world and its vanities.
vanities vanishing the glass the mirrors the illusions disappear along withh the promises of falseness.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Dr Schon
You creature, you, it's your fate to drag me thrugh the gutter to the grave. You death's angel. You unavidable tormentor! You liven up my dotage you hangmans noose!
Do you like me in this pretty dress?
Get away , or by tomorrow i'll be insane, and i'll murder my son in cold blood! Take this revolver. You understand? It's up to you to take your own life!
I cant get it to work.
DR Schon
They are not blanks!

There's more than enough for your death: pull the trigger! It would be ashame if i had to live my life as a cuckold. Pull the trigger!
You can divorce me.
The final insult! So tommorrow another migt arrive when he is ready, while i am haunted, am haunted by visions of suicide and visions of you with them. How can we part when our very souls and bodies have grown together. Its like losing half one's being. Here is your bed and the victim lying there.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Post your Found Texts here...

Monday, October 09, 2006


Welcome to all members of critical practice at LMU. This weblog has been set up as a means of exchanging ideas between everybody in the group. You will find updates from staff on the programme, together with a useful jumble of ideas, stories, hearsay and so on.
We hope you will post your stuff on this - that is the main point - we need to get discussion going, as well as exchange info. We hope you will all do your bit to help create and update the blog.

Nico & Charlie