Thursday, June 21, 2007

interns to invigilate

If you are available at any point over the period 18th July - 12th August
and wanting to gain experience working for a contemporary art gallery,
listen up !

David Risley Gallery, London, are looking for interns to invigilate their
show 'Citadel 1: Front Room/Killing Room' A living room has been built
into the gallery where everything from the walls, light fixtures, carpet,
magazines and sofa are artworks. Works from the likes of Donald Judd,
Marcel Dzama, Gavin Turk, Matt Calderwood, Michael Simpson and Neil Hamon

The gallery is open to the public Wednesdays to Sundays 12-6pm which is
when you will be required to work. It will be very informal, you will
just be there to make sure no one takes anything away with them.
Unfortunately the gallery is unable to pay you but will provide coffee,
tea and lunch. You will be welcome to read a book or play Guitar Hero on
the Playstation, a game selected by artist David Blandy.

If there are any days over the above mentioned period that you would like
to help out please let me know. Please send this on to anybody else that
you think might be interested.

Rebecca Mears

Rebecca Mears
David Risley Gallery
45 Vyner Street
E2 9DQ

+44 (0)208 980 2202

Please pass this on to your fellow students...

And have a nice summer x

Friday, June 15, 2007

Funny ads

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Linder at the Barbican - 25th July 2007 6.30pm

I'm going to try and go along to this performance by Linder Sterling, if anyone wants to join me...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sarah has reminded me of the blog weve started for the trip to Croatia - its in its early days but if you want to have a nosey go ahead.
It hasn't really started yet, we are hoping to use it to collect together many sets of photographs; some are formal ones of the show but I guess many will be more of an aide memoir for us to laugh at! Anyway, if you are interested . . .

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Call for artist films!

Susan in the third year (with the rocket coming back from the moon and dog split in half hirst style) is in charge of the screening night for the notting hill visual arts festival, she asked me to pass her details on to all of you.

Susan J. Henderson

07814 401682

Notting hill Visual Arts Festival 12th-22nd July 2007

films please.

You are invited to . . .

... Fall-In-Theatre:

a 24-Hour Performance...

(retained through remnant, rumour and memory)

4pm 7th June - 4pm 8th June

The Basement
10-16 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Critical Practice 2nd year show in Dec

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all enjoying the summer so far!

During the show I tried to take some photos to... I guess part document it as everyone did so fab, and as just to enjoy looking back at it. I initially wanted to get them together in an album and then I realised the best place for them would probably be in a blog. I've only recently organised them from the camera and put them in a blog.

I haven't asked anyone if it is o.k to load these images, so please, if there are any problems with the photos or you'd rather not have the imageof your work on there please let me know.

Also, I thought it would be really nice, especially as it was such a group thing, if anyone has anyother photos of the show that you would like to contribute,- or does anyone have anyother ideas of how the blog could function? I know there's ways of getting you guys linked up to the site - I might need a bit of advice with it though? What do you all think?

Thanks Jay for the info about the art night on 20th June. Not sure if can make itbut nice to know these things going on!!

Cheers for fab year everyone! See you all soon!


Oh yeah - haha, almost forgot to put address for the blog on the show.

I think, if that doesn't work then you'll be able to find it under my profile - i believe.