Friday, March 30, 2007

A bit of light Easter artistic relief.....

If you click the mouse button, it changes colour aswell.


Thursday, March 29, 2007


I don't know how I managed to post my text piece on the wrong blog - but I did. Sorry.
Also available on Ending Badly - the blogsite

text works


Sorry Wendy, Sara & Amy... It's all fixed now.
Oy charlie, the second link for Peter does in fact lead to Julia's site!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another little victory!

Thanks this time to Gwen I have managed to transfer my written pieces from WORD to my blog! That is the good news.

The "bad" [not really bad]news is that a bit of a paragraph from my Party critique has arrived in the wrong place,and I cannot sort it now ithas been published,or can I?

Really good exhibition!

Hi Everyone!
The other week in an afternoon class I was trying to describe an exhibit I saw At the Tate Britain - but not very well. I found some info from the Tate Web Site and have copied and pasted it. They have some really good stuff at the mo - I reckon it's definately worth taking a treck down to see it.

Tim Head (Room 31)

Tim Head works with a wide range of media ? from painting to photography and installation. His art creates environments that shift between objective fact and subjective experience.

Displacements (1975-6) is comprised of three projected photographs of this room, that incorporate real everyday objects and the room itself. Each projected image is ?displaced? away from the original position in which it was photographed. The objects were chosen by Head to particularise these displacements.

The installation explores the artist?s interest in space and time, and develops differences between reality and representation. For example, the actual clock alongside its photographed image registers the time gap between the taking of the photograph and the ?time? in the present. The mirrors reflect not only the space, but the viewers as they move through the room.

The simultaneous presence of physical, projected and reflected space ?activates? the installation and creates a dense multi-layered experience. The artist?s intention was to stimulate the viewer?s imagination. Head said, ?It seems to me closer to the way things are ? Your own physical presence is not only an integral part of what you are looking at but actually alters it?.
This display has been devised by curator Lizzie Carey-Thomas

There is also some work there based on beachy head by an artist called Roger Hiorns who did this:

7 June - 31 August 2003Tate Britain,

Im not sure if that worked - there should be an image here (it's a a steel grate set on fire anyhow)
Installation at Tate Britain. © the artist and Corvi-Mora, London
'Roger Hiorns makes works of art whose particular aesthetic lies somewhere between the representational and non-representational, and so disrupts our expectations of the boundaries between them. His sculptures have a seemingly straightforward, functional material presence, but this is always combined with an element which provides a sense of the imaginary, the poetic or the esoteric. The tension between these two aspects is a vital part of Hiorns' work.'

O.k So the actual piece above and the description aren't at the Tate now but he did another piece which is at the TAte Britain.
(The images are above!!! Ive just seen them - they're at the very top of this post!! - I don't understand how they got there but I don't want to disturb them so possibly scroll up a bit if they've dissapeared from view.)
If I don't see you before I hope you all get some nice eggs from the Easter Bunny! Happy Easter!



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

left out

Hi there,
Charlie, I don't mean to be fussy, but we appear to have been left out of the list of blogs. Is there any chance we could be added, we are at:

It would be most appreciated.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blogs again .... it's rife ..

For anyone still struggling with blogs, I wrote a basic guide a couple of weeks back for Fiona on how to access the blog and basic posting stuff. If anyone wants this, let me know as I can email it to you or print off and bring in ....

Of course, this is on the assumption that these 'people' are on here to read it.

Anyone who knows of anyone who isnt (Graham and I already have a planned arrangement...) then let me know....


HI Giles

I got onto your blog by typing your address is the url. In otherwords I couldn't get there by clicking on the address you put in your post.

I find the Selective Mutism interesting. Does this have any similarities to Autism (most prob spelt wrong) ?


Hi Matt

I'm not sure I completely understand, but i'll have a go anyway.

I think we are made up of influences, but I think we also have our own intellectual and creative imput that could be inate from birth. Or could these also be made up of influences? Or possibly a mixture of influence and what we are born with and how we develop. I also think things such as madness could influence the space and artist occupies.

Prey tell me what you think? Or have I completely got hold of the wrong end of the stick??


can you tell what it is yet?

it's not finished, barely started but at least you can have a giggle....

cheers, matt

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Collective's second blog

Things have got even weirder and we can no longer access our blog so we have set up a new one that you can find at

Sorry for all the confusion but we think we are sorted now.

Fingers crossed.

Friday, March 16, 2007

At Last, I`m here!

Big, big thank you Rie for helping me get started. Thank you also to Sara Eustace for telling me to try Old Blogger first. Such a simple thing,and yet I wasted ages not thinking of that. That girl has got more brains in her littlefinger ........Anyway thanks also to Tsuke for a big offer of help. Now all I have to do is learn to post material, but first I`m going to celebrate getting this far. Back later.
Maybe it would be good if we could have a box of links to the right on the critical practice blog, like with the list of names, or with the useful websites one. Otherwise you end up trawling through old posts, looking for addresses, and some the profiles dont seem to work properly on the right - I have no idea why. What do you think? x

A helping hand wih blogs

I'm offering help for the blogs practically every friday until Easter for anyone who needs it. My office where you can see me as it were can be found through the library in commerical road on the stairs up to the next floor. I will usually wait outside the front building entrance for 15 minutes to lead anyone who may be interest. Otherwise you can hopefully catch me up there in the said spot and i should be around

I'll state in advance that i'm not the biggest genius in the world when it comes to making websites but with the know how i know and bloggers relatively user friendly setup i'm more than willing to make people's lives a bit easier when it comes to making the new blogs and adding posts to them. I've had about two people come and see me up this point, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

If you can't get ahold of me or the blog myemail address is the best way to get my attention. I check it every day. Make sure the email subject is something that'll catch my attention like "need help with blog" since i do have spam to delete.

Otherwise if you check Gile's recent post below there's a link there that gives codes and tags to use, since i found the link.

Talk to you soon.

I have finally made a link.

with a lot of help from thomas i have made a link

Giles blog

here it is

if you need help with html tags and codes give this site a spin

The Monkey's Paw : Writing Project

Could someone please tell me which section do we put our written project in?
Is it to be posted in Critical Practice 2 or our own blog space? Also, I need some assistance with bringing up images on the blog (for our own blog section) and how to write along side any photos,etc. Thanks.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Could Someone Help.

Could someone please see if they can get onto my blog, some people have said that they can't and i'm not sure why.
the address is have a look.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Random request

A bit obscure I know, not a joke; if anyone comes across the word folly anywhere when reading would you be able to note it down for me?! It generally tends to be used most in 18th and 19th century literature, but you never know.
Thanks, Wends

Good Samaritan

Many thanks to the Good Samaritan who has supplied my blog faith in human kindness has been renewed.

Ben edges blog

This is my blog adress theres nothing on it yet though!

Fiona's Blog

Fiona's e mail (i.e. to gain access to my blog)

Greetings! one and all...
I am posting this my e mail in order that my blog (Conversation Pieces) will be ?? and hopefully is not awfully expert...please bear in mind I am new to this part of the myriad of computer technological know how.
I hope you have a good remainder of the week and a pleasant and restful weekend...not too restful!! don't get too complacent...we have loads still to do...Yuk! and Hey Ho!! Like, Rosie the Riveter...We Can Do It!! and yes! Matt I did notice your Tee-Shirt with this slogan.
Au revoir , (for now and happy reading!!) Fiona's e mail (

Alert! Alert! Correction: (see I told you I am New to all this!!)

My address for access to my blog... is...I think !?! fiona278@btinternet.comblog or is it...Conversation Pieces (where's the mentor when I need her!!)...sorry Rie...I'm already struggling...if you read this drop me the required S.O.S. ( no not your concrete life-saver-ring!!) Tee Hee!! only joking.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My blog shadowlostarts/ Two photo copy's

Also here are my two images: The one on the left is from an old comic book I had and the other is a photo I took when I was on the Paris trip, well take care guys and I will see you soon from Peter.

Sunday, March 11, 2007 last!!

My Blog:

Saturday, March 03, 2007

And Another One?!

found it! the little nugget

this should be the ticket;

just gonna do some more editing. Hope you're all having good weekend!

See you Monday!
pants; i started a blog last week and now I can't find back later

Thursday, March 01, 2007

And another...

My blog address: