Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fiona's e mail (i.e. to gain access to my blog)

Greetings! one and all...
I am posting this my e mail in order that my blog (Conversation Pieces) will be ?? and hopefully is not awfully expert...please bear in mind I am new to this part of the myriad of computer technological know how.
I hope you have a good remainder of the week and a pleasant and restful weekend...not too restful!! don't get too complacent...we have loads still to do...Yuk! and Hey Ho!! Like, Rosie the Riveter...We Can Do It!! and yes! Matt I did notice your Tee-Shirt with this slogan.
Au revoir , (for now and happy reading!!) Fiona's e mail (

Alert! Alert! Correction: (see I told you I am New to all this!!)

My address for access to my blog... is...I think !?! fiona278@btinternet.comblog or is it...Conversation Pieces (where's the mentor when I need her!!)...sorry Rie...I'm already struggling...if you read this drop me the required S.O.S. ( no not your concrete life-saver-ring!!) Tee Hee!! only joking.


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