Thursday, December 07, 2006

All previous AND NEW possible participants in the (deviant) Art Festival should come to this event if you can. This will be a nice chance to see some old faces, or to ask participants questions if you didn't play a part at last years festival in Sweden.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Critical Practice 2

Hi everyone. Just posting the timetable to let everyone know what is going on for the Show on Tuesday 12th December @ 6.3opm

*Firstly we would like to say thank you for getting your proposals in on time! We had a good look at them last night and are in the process of prelim floor plans – it’s very exciting! It’s going to look really good!
*To make it look top notch we need everyone’s help. Plus it will make it more fun! So we have devised a timetable for next week. We have done it as fairly as possible to give people flexibility in which to help around their practical modules.

Monday 4th Dec
Start clearing studios, including taking work home to store and moving furniture into the first year studio.
There may be a way of storing it your piece, then you don’t have to lug it from one place to another. We’re not able to reserve a space for storage, so it may be an idea for you to start thinking of a way you can do this.

Tuesday 5th Dec
Continue clearing studios, including taking work home to store and moving furniture into the first year studio.
1:45 PM there will be a short meeting in 302 about the show –DON’T MISS OUT!!
Please make sure that you have all your work definitely removed from the crit prac studio. More for the sake of your own work being damaged in the prep for the show.

Wed 6th Dec
In the morning the boards in the critical practice studio will be disassembled and taken out of the room. Leaving the room completely empty so we can start painting in the afternoon.
A.M! studio emptied of boards (with tech help)
P.M (I.E 1PM) start painting room white
Only 4 study days to prep for show left!
Room 302 will not be painted but boards will be going up so we will need help with this too!

Thursday 7th Dec
Continue painting room in view to finish today! We will need everyone’s help for this.
Please help with room 302 as well.

Friday 8th Dec
Please Bring Your Piece for hanging or testing.


Mon 11th Dec
The day before the show!!

Tue 12th Dec
6.30pm THE SHOW!!!!! – very exciting

Wed 13th –Fri15th Dec
Hi, this bit has just been updated as of Mon 4th. We need to start taking everything down again and putting the rooms back to normal. It is best to prioritise the ‘dark’ room for teaching purposes. Hopefully we can get this done before Friday. Also will allow more study time in studios for people who want to work in them. Thanks again for you help with this!

PARTY!!!!!!!!! And possibly, little hard work for assessments!

We’d also like to say thank you, as everyone has been really great in offering help for the show and its made things a lot easier for us.

See you in a few days for the preparations to begin!

Tim Pratt
Wendy Mclean
Peter Gilbert
Sarah Leader