Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"If you have 5 seconds to spare..."

Rie Hale will be
"Throwing away the baby"

London Bridge
Monument side
(Viewing points either on the Bridge
or near Swan Lane Pier, off Lower Thames Street)

Sunday 25th February 2007
At 7.30am

.....your moral support will be greatly appreciated ....


Blogger sarah el said...

How exciting!!!!! Will definately be there -count me in - not very good at lifting though, might just have to take a couple of pics.
Do you need any lifejackets just in case?
Maybe we could all go for breakie after?!


1:20 am  
Blogger zoe said...

will try zx well done you !

12:41 pm  
Blogger Rie said...

Breakie sounds like a superb idea...I'd definately be up for that. I may need a large Brandy with mine ...


5:28 pm  
Blogger Wendy said...

Tad early isnt it! will try; sure its will be worth it! Definately a hot cuppa.

12:55 pm  
Blogger saragraham said...

Count me in. I'll try and bring a couple of cameras with. You know it''s the brandy with breakfast that persuaded me, certainly wasn't the time.

1:21 am  
Blogger Rie said...

Ah that's great!

If anyone is willing to video/take pictures then I'd be happy to refund the cost of any tapes/film.

10:39 pm  
Blogger sarah el said...

hey Rie!

I just got home and its pouring down - although kinda fitting for the task I have my fingers crossed that it will let up a bit otherwise may be bit of a fierce job. See you in a few hours!

1:41 am  
Blogger sarah el said...

cannot beleive it - alarm on silent just woken up - ahh! am so sorry but coming to find everyone!ps -hope all went well

10:17 am  

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