Monday, January 08, 2007

Kimberley's Walk

I'm hoping there's no-one at the hatch. I need a clear passage out the door, no hold ups, got colours to collect and the time is right. The faces i know are never far, but right now i don't want to see them, i'll get distracted.
On the move, straight out, first right towards the hanging wall of lights in the distance. It's a busy evening, cold street lamps reflect in the fresh puddles that dapple the concrete. I squint, the lamps throw beams to the ground and out like limbs of stars. Eyes to the floor, past the dirty yellow lines marking out the privacy areas, i make my way to the good bits.
At the junction i'll stop and put my hands on my hips (just for fun). I get in peoples road, they tut, side step then bitch when far enough away. Right, concentrate, got colours to collect.
Today i'll have the bookshop neon green and pink, the shiny leather black and red, the amber and white in the bulbs. The steel grey shaft, the sequin silver and one of the coffee bean browns.
On my way back, i'll have the purple of the Sunset, the Steph's deep green and the Crown and Two blue. I'll take the Vadis gold, the Lena Jun maroon and then head for the warm orange home glow.
Back inside, the hatch is surrounded, best i sit down with tonights collection, look around and piece the colours back into the faces of the people that I know.


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