Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fiona Hunter-Boyd : Manifesto


Sir Issac Newton wrote: "If I have seen further than is because I stand on the shoulder's of giants" With this quotation in mind I am writing a few words of where I think
I stand.

1. Art for me is a privilege in which I can indulge

2. My work is not intended to be a political statement but at times it may reveal where I stand
when my idea of right and wrong are questioned. Especially, I will not ignore others who's
need is greater than my own.

3. Art will not be a career for me in the usual sense. My late entrance to the art-world has
allowed me to consider art not as a life's-work but rather as a "happy-happening" in my

4. I do not feel burdened with a "duty" to art or to the public.

5. I will be the best artist I can be. I have promised myself this!

6. I will try to be "moral" in my art and will avoid what I consider to be profane.

7. I will be involved in the art-world as much as possible and attempt to keep up-to-

8. I will try to remain true to myself and to life and to explain my art "if I can",when the
occasion arises, and if necessary!!

9. I will endeavour to learn from the artists of the past and present...even if I don't
like it!

10. I will have respect for the work of other artists (even if I don't like it).

These words are my words and my views and I stand by the "Right" to have these
ideas and values...even if "You" don't like it!!

Fiona Hunter-Boyd


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