Friday, November 24, 2006

The Gwen Manifesto


1. I will give life to materials, matter and stuff

2. I will develop myself/my work to its full potential

3. I will make objects that are visually interesting, experimental and way-out

4. My work will be created by experimenting with and exploring materials

5. How I feel towards the materials and how I’m feeling at the time may influence the work

6. The physical interaction of making is irresistible

7. I will use harmony and discordance, control and release, serendipity

8. I will need to be brave and go where I haven’t been before

9. I will be courageous

10. It will be exciting

11. There will be failure and there will be pain

12. There will be success and there will be elation

13. There will be fun and there will be playing

14. I want to make contemporary art

15. I am excited by contemporary art and its possibilities

16. How my objects relate to each other and the space they occupy will be crucial

17. I want my art to be strong and exciting

18. I want my art to be strong and have presence

19. I want my art to be strong and wacky

20. I want my art to capture the interest/imagination of the viewer

21. My art is visual and doesn’t have a complicated meaning and is therefore accessible to all people

22. I will explore the formal issues, structure, texture, the potential and possibilities of all materials, matter and stuff

23. As I progress I will move forward always using references but at the same time pushing my own boundaries

24. I will shout from the rooftops: ‘I love art!’