Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Critical Practice 2

Critical Practice 2

Giles' Walk
Enter House. High. Performance. World. Good. House. Dark. Confronted. Door. Skinny. Girl. Ruffled. Hair. Blue Jeans. Grey. Hoody. Face. Whitened. Black. Circles. Surrounded. Eyes. Red. Paint. Dripped. Cheek. Ushered. Upstairs. Introduced. Seven. Painted. Individuals. Walked. Kitchen. Avoid. Bathroom. Painting. Putrid. Punch. Whiskey. Lounge. Dirty. Sofa. Avoid. Man. Passed. Scanned. Room. Three. Painted. Individuals. Computer. Source. Music. Sat.


Blogger sarah el said...

Hi Everyone.
I still have to post a couple of things but I can't do them now as they are on uni computer.
Actually just writing, as read out my stuff again today. I realise that I seem to always reading my stuff in crit prac avo's and feel bad as not everyone gets a chance. And today, I really appreciated the feedback (as always) and kinda did wanna read to get the feedback but would much of preffered someone else to read instead of me and I wanted to say no to reading so someone else could read theirs. I would like to apologise for not doing that. sorry.
Also, felt bit drained and 'funny' at end of day but have just read through blogs and I feel very cheered up now. Might even try one of Wendys relaxation tips! Maybe the lazy cat one!

Also, interestingly I was watching a video on phantom brains the other day - very interesting.
Basically, (one example) this guy had his right arm amputated and he could still feel pain even though it wasn't there - in is right hand that is.
Doctors did like investigations as to why, i think - this is what i got from it anyway, the brain had stored the location of the hand in the brain (memory) so carried on sending signals to the right hand to say that it was in pain? but the hand could not signals back to say 'its ok mister brain, im not actually here so no need to send signals!' because the hand wasn't there.
So then, the brain in not getting info back, sent more signals! which resulted in more pain!(this might need checking)
So then doctors were like ok, we know why but how do we stop the pain? What way can we tell the brain there is no hand?
Ok, i think this is amazing. They got a box. In the middle stuck a mirror. Then, the amputated hand guy put his left hand in the box - by doing so he created a right hand! he tricked his brain visually into thinking he had a right hand - that it moved and everything! and the pain subsided!!

So I was thinking - if you(anyone) stood infront of a mirror long enough from the waist down - could you trick yourself into having four legs! and turn into some kind of caterpillar! you know like the guy who walked upside down, then he turned the right way everything was upside down?

Also reading David's walk, got me thinking about mirrors and glass. How glass is a type of see though mirror. With glass you can see inside/ outside somewhere else as well as seeing yourself. And in Davids walk he mentions the atmosphere of soho, the selling of it maybe, the commercial - tempting atmosphere? - i think im waffling anyway, don't really know where im going with this anymore.

Ooh, also and, I was reading found texts etc, and walks. i thought - how cool would it be if we each took a part from our walks and stuck them together like the game 'consequences'. It would be like a group outing!

Ok, have waffled. but thought is important to get thoughts out rather then keep them in especially when its you guys that inspire me.

Have fab evening. See you later.


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