Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Writing by Thomas Tuke

After aggravating delays i finally have found the time to upload my writing for this topic. I must also make it a goal to print this stuff for assessment (same goes for you guys)

I still need to type up my manifesto so that can wait for a bit. First thing's first, the walk writing.


“Are you up for a little quest Tukey?”

When packing my bags I make a vague attempt of intimidating a line in Shrek 2. Aloud. In a toilet in Tower Hill. Second floor.
Voice acting sure as hell has never been my thing, even if the odd individual or two tell me otherwise. Nothing that I’ve particularly cared about to be honest.
The day was now in the evening. Just over 6:30pm to be exact, and those slave drivers in critical studies had given me a job. “Go for a walk” they say. “Don’t document it with drawings and photos, but come back and write about it.” Suffice to say it was a subject that needed contemplating.
I fill up the drinking bottle for starters. This one was a bit smaller than the last one that I had to throw away. Travelling can be thirsty work, especially by my feats.
Surprisingly I was all too confident that night, seeing that I had to hand in (or complete rather) my minute long movie for time-based movie. No time to explain there though.
Previously I had to run back all the way from central house after dropping off my animation folder and paint pad in a locker. I met Jay and was-his-name on the way promising that my video will rock like it always does. By the way if the whereabouts of my locker goes outside this Uni I would be liable to hurt you. Thought that I get that out of the way right now.
In any case I get back my earphones. No way I’m trudging round jolly London without some music pumping in my ears.
I double-check I have everything. I’m not the sort who likes forgetting things you see. Everything has to be accounted for. Makes life a hell of a lot simpler.
Ok all set trump down the stairs, walking down the stairs. Walking out of the door to get a good intake of that fresh night air. I gaze up at the caliginous clouds that smother the night sky and wonder how this curious chapter will unfold. Where was I going to go I wonder? What will become of this trip? I’ll Decide that when I come to it.
My hand shuffles to the interior pockets. What music shall I listen to on my minidisk? Kinda feeling in a set upbeat mood so I’ll settle with the Mugen soundtrack for now.
Alrighty then off I go.

2 hours and about a week later.

So where did I go exactly? From Tower hill I trotted along the riverbank towards London Bridge (or Tower of London they seem to have them both mixed up) before walked up passed Aldgate. While I was at it I decided to go past the Gherkin and then straight into Liverpool Street. Part of my intention was to make my way to that fancy place near a working area with glowing pads that light up during night time periods but alas that place was nowhere to be seen. Should be noted that I’m rarely the sort of guy that recognises roads and areas by name, relying more on what I see, hear, feel, taste or smell for that matter.
My search there took me in between some of the buildings near Liverpool Street station and up all the way to Old Street (!). My trip back from there was through a somewhat dodgy neighbourhood taking me to Monument area although by this point it could have well been Moorgate. I couldn’t really tell anymore since I was strangely lost, a bit weird for me to be that. But I used by noodle after few twists and turns and ended up in Farringdon, Russell Square and then Kings Cross St. Pancras. So much thrills, rushes, excitement and gulps of recycled mineral water. I was sure to drink water regularly just so that you know.
I was to go further but time was up so sadly my journey ended there seeing I needed to get home. This was annoying seeing it usually doesn’t take me long to travel London by foot I can easily get to Embankment from Aldgate East in just under 40 minutes. So it was extra annoying that I do this sort of thing on a fairly regular basis depending on whether I’m in the mood or whenever I feel Ken Livingston can shove his Oyster cards up his rectum. This one had taken up 2 hours and I wasn’t able to make my way south from Euston to the main town and do shopping but it was quite late anyway by this time so maybe that was an awry idea. Plenty of time to do that in the good few weeks afterwards.
The train ride home wasn’t particularly interesting even though, after taking the Victoria line to Victoria station I had to switch from a Victoria train at Clapham Junction to a Waterloo train at the same stop so I generally ended up taking a different route home due to me now willing to wait another half hour. Oh and yes I was happy to find all my belongings were still intact when I got back.
Are there any thoughts from this weary traveller then? It was a very mesmerizing I just say. Whether it was the night sky or the somewhat scifi\cyberpunk-esque modern buildings I went passed the was that somewhat wild drive of going out there for adventure. All those fancy buildings and neon lights and nighty moodily atmosphere and techno music struck quite the cord. Even the constructions sites and alleyways had nice qualities (though I wasn’t stupid enough to venture inside them). The trip also included this weird shopping area just near Russell square tube station that seemed like something of a reward after all that walking and running.
What did the trip mean for me artistically? Depends how you mean it. The trip gave me things to think about and ideas to go ahead with. Sadly none of these are for anything Uni related so this has been a big, giant arse-fuck waste of everyone’s time. Bah-ZING!
As of this moment of writing I can’t bothered with techno and have decided to have Gwar playing in the background. A fistful of teeth for you.

For pity's sake i avoided showing the 100 and 50.

10 words that describe my practise

1 word that describes my practise


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Thomas ,I really enjoy your writing ,because it is full of 'aside comments' something out of a is funny and authentic.Excellent.zoe

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