Monday, January 08, 2007

A minor panic ....

I've noticed on our timetable that tomorrow (9th) and the following Tuesday have been allotted to 'presentations' and we will each have a slot, which will be pinned up blah blah ....

Erm, can anyone enlighten us on what this about because other than handing my texts tomorrow, I'm not sure....??

Concerned, Rie....x


Blogger zoe said...

no tell me when you know..zx

9:03 pm  
Blogger sarah el said...

Hey Rie, Just read your blog! Thanks so much. Just took me half hour to realise that a TD moment is a Tactica Dean moment. i think i'm having a moment of something or other. But, I had to refresh what she did, when i googled i instantly remember seeing her stuff at the tate. Theres something really tranquil and dark and beutiful i think. I like the idea o blackboard drawings. Plus i think her work is a great ref for my dissertation. Your blog was really helpful thank you!

Did you see the lighhouse film as well. I think she must have inspired me with that film as well - though when i went to see it initially i was a bit hungover and was more painful then inspiring at the time. How are you going with the life ring? Its amazing how much water has taken a part in art work and references!

There's definately a theme of cycle, and time, which comes naturally in to our ways of thinking. I was talking to my dad about holograms earlier - nothing to do with water i know. But he was explaining the process, (most i didn't quite understand) but its so interesting. Ive changed the subject completely.

im just thinking though. Theres always the issue of the 'true image', with photography and painting its a 2D plain and so we know its not the real thing, with sculpture like with your life ring and also have you seen Fischli and Weiss - there rubber remake of a working space! Anyway, they are real objects - to touch, to see, they exsist as a thing, they are a new reality? but a different real, if you know what I mean, They represent something falsely, but they encourage another false representation if rendered by 2d means again? i think Im going a bit batty. But in a way holograms, cross those defintions, because they act as a 3d but they have no three d weight?

Baffled. hmm.

Anyway, just rambling, thank you again for blog! See you soon.x

1:56 am  

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