Friday, January 19, 2007

Critical Practice 2

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year!

I was checking my emails, and I always get these illusions sent through from my uncle so Im gonna try and put the links up. They're pavement art, very impressive I think. Right here goes,
i don't think that worked very well, hang on let me try again, this could take a while
oh pants!
im gonna write it, flippin eck its long

Im hoping these link thingamy magigys don't take you into my email account - not that there's much to see there anyway.
Otherwise perhaps if you're really interested you could google 'pavement art'?
If you get to see the spiderman one, check out the artists expression, he looks really freaked out!

I was talking to a couple of people in the group today, and I never realised how many people do actually read this blog! And also its really nice cause I know I did put some things on here a while ago but I don't understand where they are - perhaps I should reach a bit higher so I understand? Has anyone got a ladder I could borrow? haha -sense of humour not my 'forte' Im afraid.

Talking about ladders! In a painting tutorial a few weeks ago, one of the girls(this is really bad because I can't remember her name - she's in studio practice though). She presented her paintings which had loads of stairs in them, some of them even reminded me of escalators. The more we discussed them, it was amazing the way they represent so many things.

I mean theres the stereotypical dreams, or perhaps nightmares where there are never ending stairs and you go round and round(ive never actually had one, but think I saw one on a film - or maybe i Was dreaming) anyway, isn't it supposed to kind of represent a feeling, trying to get somewhere, but its never ending, you're going up and its hard work, and you can't always see where your going. It gets lonesome too.

Of course theres another way to look at it, that you're going higher, closer to the sky, like the pyramids, steps closer to the gods, closer to higher or different beings.

Then if you think of being higher, there's this notion of hiensight, say for example if you're in battle (as you do in all your chain links) that you can see the enemy coming.

I mean all these points will have their arguments, REpercussions etc.. Probably Charlie will think of falling and Bas JanAder now ive mentioned height (that was made in good humour!).

Thinking about it while im writing (2 things at once - please note, doesn't often happen), that's what we're all doing, right now, and over certainly the last year, we're climbing stairs, we want to get somewhere but we don't exactly know where, sometimes we trip and sometimes we skip a step. And I see the tutors, teachers as giving usthe little stools to reach that little higher, and sometimes there is cross steps (i couldn't think of a stair version for cross roads - peter, you're good at making up words with you're cyfox_is that how you spell it_, maybe you can help me out with that one!) and so we might take a staircase with smaller steps or that wind round to much diverting where we wanna go that we don't know about, But that's our decisions.

And its very difficult to climb stairs all the time, let alone when theres lots of people, and everybodys different, so we have diffenent staircases, and we will (i find) tend to concentrate, focus on walking up that staircase, even if we want to help other people and experience other peoples staircases)some have carpet, some are wooden, some metal etc) we sometimes don't seem to have the time, or energy - however selfish - there is no malice i think. I know that during xmas, there was a lot to do, I was 100% focused on each step. I could'nt take an lift or escalator because that would be cheating, and escalators break down. I didn't wanna help anyone else up there stairs I just wanted someone to ive me a bit of a pull. But Im not a todddler. I know how to climb stairs. And I climbed them all the way to the third floor at London Met where I saw everyone in our group. All knackered from the climb but relieved to see eachother and refreshed from the results at the top.

I think Ive got a bit carried away, but im blogging right now cause ive had enough of doodling, im not tired (maybe i should climb some stairs - haha, ----I should just stop with the lame jokes).
My flatmates have all gone to bed and I wanted to share my thoughts or non thoughts at the time with you because all though I don't understand all the time, and Im not the closest of friends with some people. YOU ALL IMSPIRE ME! YOU ALL MAKE ME LAUGH! YOU ALL MAKE ME FEEL! THANK YOU.

Im just gonna prepare my hiking boots for the next set of sodding stairs.!

P.S The artwork with staircases were definately meant for going up and not down. If anyone's thinking of being clever, cause I know we have a new clever clogs that's joined the blog - hello james!


Blogger Rie said...

Hi Sarah,

I didnt manage to access the link (or your email, unfortunately) but I did "google" pavement art and they're quite amazing, arent they? I like the 3D optical illusions created on a flat 2D surface...

By the way, I was thinking about your work and leaving 'traces' after I came across Tacita Dean's blackboard drawings (which when rubbed away, traces are left behind - and of course, can be redrawn over again) Just thought I'd stick it in here in case I dont see you this week ...

Oddly enough, I am feeling a stark identification with TD myself at the moment, which is quite scary, I can tell you...


4:50 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

Pigeons use steps in a very different way i noticed at the tate!

9:33 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

9:50 pm  
Blogger zoe said... -

9:51 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

I cannnot make the above function as a cut and paste it into your search box.zx

9:52 pm  
Blogger zoe said...
can someone tell me how you make a link.....i do not seem to have a drop down menu or create link icon on my AOL page header!a bit like my brain.Well , as i said before just do a cut and paste job into your address bar.

10:18 pm  
Blogger zoe said...

I am researching for a project called Pages.These are some of my leads so far. Anne Grebby was my only lead for a while.My only lead at the moment who is actually in correspondence..we have written lots to each other and it has been very time consuming for us both.Here is a link to her work.Actually it does not work as a link ,so just cut and paste it into youraddresss bar....or else just type in Anne Grebby on Google.
[[ Anne Grebby]]
Have been given some other leads by Anne...artist/teacher/mothers.
Will get links to their work.In the mean time here is a link to someone that anne worked with on her project.You can listen to the aaudio section on this guys page if you scroll down after clicking the link.
heres another link to an artist I am writing to.

9:16 am  
Blogger zoe said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:30 am  
Blogger zoe said...

all the above links are concerned with traces.Please someone tell me how to make a link...I do not have the icon on my tool bar...should i see a doctor....i expect it is too late.

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