Thursday, May 17, 2007


For anyone vaguely interested,

I will be coming to college by rowing boat, and I'm not sure the weather will be on my side. Either way, any time between 11am and 1pm, I will be sending cries for help (via mobile phone) to meet me at Commercial Road locks (keep going down Commercial Road until you get to a canal, quite simple really and about 1.5 miles maximum)

I think you can get a number 15 bus outside the LMU Commercial Road building which will take you there (heading towards Blackwall)...



Blogger sarah el said...

Hi rie,

Didn't forget and was hoping to see you. I've got a feeling that might not be able to help between those times as painting tutorial and also we have leeson at around half 12 to update on assesments. Will do my bets though. If i don't see you good luck!!!!

7:20 pm  

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