Monday, May 14, 2007

can't get more critical than this, copy and paste to everyone you can email, come on!

I am passing on this email to anyone who is interested in trying to prevent cuts to Arts Council funding.

You might remember a petition opposing road charging making headlines a few months ago - we have an opportunity to do something similar to oppose the planned cuts to Arts Council funding.

On the Number 10 Downing Street website there is already a petition up and running which aims to:

'Stop the chancellor using Lottery money to plug the funding gap in the 2012 Olympics.’

This is opposing the reallocation of resources to the Olympics of which the 35% reduction of grants for the arts is a part.

To submit your name to this petition click on this link:

It has already gathered 5000 signatures and closes on 16 September 2007. If it gets to 40,000 signatures it would make it into the top 5 most popular petitions on the site! Currently, the petition in the number 4 spot is 'Continue funding for the Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team'. Surely in the arts world we are able to gather a similar if, not larger number, of supporters.

Very popular petitions seem to generate responses from the Prime Minister prior to the petition closing, so this really is a way to draw the attention to widespread concern and opposition to the proposed 35% reduction in Grants for the Arts funding.

Do forward this email on to colleagues, friends, and collaborators encouraging them to add their name to the petition.


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