Saturday, May 12, 2007

May Day Festival Art Protest Battersea Park


Blogger Julia Tester said...

Great picture of the festival, Fiona. We should all go as cakes next year, after all you only live once!

5:18 pm  
Blogger FionaHunter-Boyd said...

Hi! Julia,
Well, seems like you did'nt mind your photo "going public" afterall.
Yes! the cake idea would certainly be in step with the chef outfit.

11:12 pm  
Blogger gwen said...

Well done Fiona - putting the photo on. It was such a great fun day!! Gx

12:35 pm  
Blogger FionaHunter-Boyd said...

I know how "camera shine" you are so truly I did not know if you would applaud me of blast me...very happy it was rather the applaud.

10:07 pm  
Blogger FionaHunter-Boyd said...

Hi! Gwen,
Iv'e gone doolala that should read how "camera shy" you are.

10:09 pm  

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