Friday, November 17, 2006

cornelius artists walk


My bladder is tight full to bursting I need a piss. I turn off Commercial Street and walk down Wentworth Street.
I pass the stalls selling knock-off, rip-off and end of season. I carry on walking my feet carrying me and the full weight of my bladder my need.
I can smell the food from café’s and shops, in turns making me hungry and nauseous but there is something else, always the something else. I feel the eyes, the greedy eyes. Weighing me up, watching me walk. Wanting to own or disregard me like the rest of the produce before me.
I see my destination, my need and I feel relieved. Second street on the right, at the top of Leyton Street well in the middle of the top of Leyton Street. I walk towards the green railings to see the paint peeling off and a small landing leading down.
I stand for a moment only a split second and look down. I take my first steps. 1 then 2, through to 17. These steps I take to my relief my need.
I enter the toilet. To my right are 3 sinks to my left are 9 urinals and behind the 9 urinals are another 9 and behind them 5 cubicles. The walls are tiled from top to bottom, the bottom meeting the floor which in turns is marble the concrete. All the materials in this place all have seen better newer days.
To my left at the 9 urinals are men standing. Although I presume they are all peeing they still turn around. Turn around to see who has entered this place. This place with the tiled walls and the marble and concrete floor and the smell of piss of desperation and something else.
I take my place and fumbling almost tearing I undo my jeans in my hurry in my need. I pull my ck’s and take my cock out. I start to pee immediately and I can feel the relief, watching the yellowy white bubbling flow. At first rushing in it’s need to be free from me. As it slows I look to my left and right.
On my left stands a man. He is looking down but not at his own cock but at mine. He wears the uniform of the city grey and stripes. He looks back up and catches my eye. I stare at him for nothing more than a blink and then I get it. I get his greedy eyes. The eyes that want to own me. I fell my face turn red flush from embarrassment and the need to finish my need almost sated.
Nearly finished now. The need subsides. I feel like I am pushing the last drops from my cock. Still looking down I shake away the last drops the end of my need and put my cock back inside my ck’s. I look at the city uniform with the greedy eyes. He is still watching wanting. I button my jeans and walk towards the way I came. I climb the 17 steps to contend again with the other eyes the other smells.


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