Friday, October 27, 2006

My walk

Voices, laughter, chilling air, darkness void space contrasting with neon illuminating glowing sparkling all around. I wander into it tentatively looking furtive.
Can i believe it at last at last it is no illusion, harsh divide, tedious distance. Glass, glass, glass and more glass full of promise and excitement.
A few more hesitant steps in the distance a line of excillerating neon straight ahead and more up to the right. I feel cast down, the dark shadyness of the pavement feels truer than the flashing sparkling all around. Unparallaled supreme joy.
A few more steps entrancing and enticing, highest heavens, oblivion of the world then more steps into glassy brightness and blackness. Mags, dvd's for sale, worldly rays of empty rapture, sparkling on the glass behind me reminds me of the bitter seperateness as i move from one glassy promise of satisfaction to more more more more strip more more more unobtainable pleasure. Walk further down seperation, barriers to sweetest highest joy. Yet another neon glow, videos, mags,stiptease,aromas, dvd's, cd-roms, xxxdvdxxx, harmony, keep walking in a glowy whirl.
Lies of daylight power and profit are scattered like barren dust. The sun sets setting us free from the world and its vanities.
vanities vanishing the glass the mirrors the illusions disappear along withh the promises of falseness.


Blogger Rie said...

I'm posting my walk under David's to keep them in one place....

Mother Rie’s Recipe for Disaster


Two legs
Door Handle
Clear head (optional)


1. Ensuring you are suitably dressed (and equipped), using both legs, walk (see below) in a direction moving towards or backwards the exit of your current location.
2. On arriving at the exit, find the door handle. Twist, turn or pull the handle until releasing the latch. Once released, open the door wide, keeping hold of the handle and with the use of both legs again, walk through the open doorway, closing the door behind or in front of you. Let go of the handle and look ahead for 1 minute.
3. As before, walk forwards or backwards (left or right) for a further 3 minutes stopping for and avoiding any obstacles along your path including roads, walls, trees, dogs, children or anything else that may compromise your safety (optional).
4. After 3 minutes stop walking and remain standing.
5. Using your clear head (optional), think for 2 minutes about your walk and the surrounding area.
6. Think for a further 1 minute about nothing or until well done.
7. Return to your original location and write about your experience.
8. Garnish and serve with a beverage of your choice.

Walk: n. The gait of a human or other biped in which the feet are lifted alternately with one part of a foot always on the ground.

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Blogger Amy said...

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Blogger Amy said...

Me too.... (and with no attempts at pictures!)

white blue silver red cream brown cream cream grey cream grey cream grey cream blue silver silver&blue brown red blue yellow grey black green blue gry black green black yellow blue white grey green purple white grey red blue green black brown black silver brown orange black grey green black grey cream blue black&yellow grey black red brown white grey green yellow black grey red damn

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Blogger Wendy said...

Here goes . . .

Enjoy Cafe Open
TAC Wedding Ltd
A to Z Wedding Centre
All in One Supermarket

Pound World - For Your Daily Needs.
Pound Store - The Store for Everyone.
ABC Pharmacy
A & B Glass and Frames
A & S Furniture
V. G. Foodstore

Green Apple Off-Licence
Evergreen Chinese Medicines & Health Centre.
P & D Greenhouse - Greengroucers

Deepworld Telecom
Any Item £1
Eyes Only Opticians

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Blogger zoe said...

I am doing the same as Ree...posting my walk here...cos I don't know where the f*** else to post it;Version 1; of the walk;
9 10
12 13

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Blogger zoe said...

2.05 stream of conciusness.Version 2 the walk.
Big bulldozer thing hanging on a pendulum device,looks as if it rotates on its gravel'ly bed.,cicular in formate......its hard to walk and write....I have had to stop .Bet a rich kid made it.I hate Chelsea.
Graham says they are age-ist.....they didn't want us.My dad said that all the pretty girls go there.......i think it was someone elses quote though...

Hot sun.
I'm bored .
Ahh...long white steps
I stand at the top of them and contemplate a journey through to room 24.
There is a woman huddled over a small bundle at the bottom of the steps..
with a man...
dumb place to stop...and sit inconciderate and dangerous..
oh my god ...they are changing their baby's nappy..!!!people?!
both engrossed in a need to prove to the other what martyrs they are...
such attentive parents...IDIOTS!!!
On the steps of the Tate ..
Do they think this is some sort of perfoemance space??
Green glass;
stainless steel;
hot coat;
big boots;
heavy bag....
'walk then', you silly cow..
stupid homework!
Start to step..three steps into this i realise the steps are............... too long!
oh for gods sake ...who designed this some kind of joke.
A means of disrupting our complacent comfort zone and wake us up before we enter?
You have to take a step down..
then another step along to reach the next step down!'wots goin on?...ahhh HELLOOOOOOOO.der.dum.
An in-between step...a step before stepping down .!!!!
wot a waste of time!
You feel as if you are a child again..
like when a toddler regroups his feet on each step..
before attempting his next death defying feet(pun!!)
How bleeding annoying ...not only is this almost impossibe (walking and writing ) but now I have this extra burden.
I have been forced into a new rhythme...somebody elses.
It impinges on my freedom.
I stand and contemplate my plight down the flight..
my fight with the flight..woe..then..
i decide this could be fun...
I decide to disrupt the sequence
and to make a little skipping step in between the big stride so as to trick my feet and thus enable myself to be lowereed onto each new step by a different foot each time.
For you see that is what i do not like...the feeling of landing on the same foot each time...and that is what these steps force you to do.
off i go with a little skippy step and now i am master of my decent.
But this is no natural phenomina
it needs practise and soon i loose
my rhythme.
But i practice...
i wonder how others set about this task...
i sit to watch.
part two be cont;zoe

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Blogger zoe said...

spot the deliberate mistakes...

9:03 am  
Blogger zoe said...

part 2.
i sit to observe the way the others go down...are they put out by these strange steps...some seem akward as i..
this slippage in time makes their walk an unharmonious sensation...
they tackle it by making unusually long strides which take them from precipice to precipice to precipice..
some seem to pause in mid step before if momentarily suspended ..
like wild coyote in road runner when he runs over the edge and then realises he will plummet to his untimely demise'then tries to rectify with frantic running motions...well they look like he does just before he starts to run...
there is a tiny pause because the supporting leg is acting like some kind of fulcrum and is able to support the levered leg ...a bit like the rotating buldozer thing over in the art school.
Some people walk really fast down the steps...
as if they want to escape this awful predicament asap.
couples hold hands and seem to find a curious kind of universal beat to the whole thing...its like a little dance in which they are suddenly reunited...will anyone do a ginger rogers and fred i wonder...suddenly i am tempted...sensation seeker.
Some land heavily upon each descent
and seem to thrive on their contact with terra if staking their claim with each plunge..
Others look clumsy and stupid-they're rhythm is disrupted and their displacement makes them look self conscious throws their complaisant at oneness with the cosmos..
some put forward a toe ..poised as if it were about to test cold water....and they then proceed to cushion each landing , each contact is delicatly exicuted as if they were trying to be polite ....rather than appear intrusive and not wanting to seem uninvited when they invade the new spaces....doing it with a certain etiquate.and then...then there are the really bouncey ...bouncey they go little tiggers...for a tigger's a bouncey thing
it's as if they're suddenly inspired by the chance to embrace a new rhythm.
i should contiue my walk to room 24...but i am gripped...
i become aware of the girl sitting next to me...she is meditating on a cigarette she is rolling...she is probably a chelsea student trying to look poorer...well she is pretty !!!
she is watching me as i stand ...she seems to know that i am about to do something strange...she is right ..i am going to attempt going down side step...
as i stand i hear a strange ker chunk sound it is mixed with the soft fleshy pud like clumps and clippity clop sounds of everybody elses walking story...
the springy bump of a baby buggy being lowered by a struggling mum...whoops ...a dad!makes a change ...go on my son.....
the big steam roller contraption art thing has started to go round...and round ...and round...a loud speaker announces something i can't quite grasp and some ironic pun on modernism or something rotates with a blue over-alled women at its helm... the weights which counter balance it ...start to lift it is mesmerising...for 10secs..
i sit...
clip clop.clip clop..
i catch snippets of conversation...
some people sound as if they actually have hollow feet
and some sound like ponies
some find an inner grace whilst others plough on with a walking stick to add an extra need for concentration.
i like it when i see three go down ...perfect unison...better than becomes pleasing and i want to go and join them...i look at the girl with the fag...and decide not to join in...
Its now 2.40 and all i have managed is seven steps....there about 7 more to go...i think i will go backwards just for the hell of it..
the sight of where i have been as opposed to that of where i am going
adds a new dimension..
i notice ...and so stop to write...that for pidgeons the steps do not function in the same ways as they do for most of us...that excludes some kids...
the pidgeon takes7 steps to reach the edge ..sometimes he jumps down,sometimes he walks along the edge..and then...
turns back again..
or else he turns full circle...but never intends to get to the bottom...or even the top...suddenly i am reminded of the monkies in jungle book who want to be like the man cub and walk just like other dudes"they're tired of hanging around".
are the pidgeons trying to blend in and look like us?
i'm going body was looking....i still ended up stepping down on the same foot each time but it was fun.....i wondered about the logistics of going up but have decided to save that for my next visit .now i'm off to room 24.i do not have time to finish my rest will follow soon...there is one more chapter.please forgive mistakes ...first draft...and i don't look at the page as i type.....

9:03 pm  
Blogger sarah el said...

hello! finally, posting first draft of 'my walk'.

The slope leading out of the tube station glistens with a film of filth.
Two people walk just in front with umbrellas at the ready.

My eyebrows rise a little at the sight – umbrellas.

‘She’s done well for herself’ says the man. The woman at his side raises the pitch of her voice in defiance, her black umbrella wavering with the uneven rhythm of her voice

I scoot past them to the left avoiding the web of spokes that protrude from their rude parasols – my clumsy shoes creating mini fountains underneath.

There is a saying, that opening an umbrella inside will bring bad luck.
This saying, should also apply to opening an umbrella outside.

Two leaves drop from an overhead tree crunching softly on the slabs of the pavement and lightly hop under the heavy rain across the double yellows and onto the dark silvery tarmac of the road, where they become exhausted and finally rest, spreading their dying veins and displaying the sunburnt patches of evaporated chlorophyll, like many of their family members that lay ahead of me.

They remind me of umbrellas,
Except less lethal.
Their organic structures are made from leaf! Not sharp sticks of metal and plastic covers,
Dangerous Carousels they are, which consequently come in a fashionable variety of blacks, blues, pink polka dots, advertising motifs, silly little green frogs, Barbie’s, scenes from cartoons, yellow, floral, white, transparent, leaves, stripes, stars, fish, dogs, cats, don’t even get me started on the handles, why anybody wants to go around clutching onto plastic birds head is beyond my understanding.

I finally pass the large building on my left where I meet a crossroads and an array of traffic lights switching from red to orange. The red man shines brightly testing my patience.

Once, while travelling through the city on bus, I watched as two people, walking rapidly, their umbrellas thrust against rain falling from the overcrowded sky – collided.
Their umbrellas subsequently tangled, causing other pedestrians to divert onto the road, around the pair and their umbrellas, which now, in their manoeuvrings, covered approximately a 6metre circumference.
I cannot see properly from beneath my hood, but since no cars are moving in my field of vision – I half walk, half jog, half run across to the other side; this disjointed effort raises my awareness of myself, so much so that I avert my eyes to anything other then another human being.

However, I should not be so concerned, shielded, most pedestrians cannot see beneath the rims of their weapons

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Blogger zoe said...

i went back to the steps.........
i wasn't sure why ,but i felt i had unfinished business .
as i turned into Atterbury street i saw someone i recognised ,
walking at a speed towards the corner on the otherside of the road...
it was zoe.
Where was she going is such a hurry...away from the steps where we had met by chance the last time i came here.
who was she moving towards at such a pace?
i moved my eyes to see into the direction
in which she was walking....and arrived before her.
there was a old man, i could tell because of his akward body language.
despite the fact that she seemed to be moving quickly, she never seemed to arrive.why was he stooping over the gutter?
he struggled it seemed with...with somekind of big bag.....he had dropped a very large saggy bag in the road...which explained why the long ...too bus suddenly reached a halt...just as well ,it would have knocked his head off.
why did zoe want to go help some silly old bag man...
i guess its just her busy body way...its a karma thing.
a bit like the way she wants everyone to costs nothing she always says...and it spreads a good .....
i really should get to the steps and then on to room 24.
i couldn't help though but be compelled to spy.all this has passed through my head in a mater of millie seconds...
she marched towards the man as if panic stricken...why does time seem to slow down when something nasty is unfolding in front of your eyes...its something to do with the predictability of a situation...and helplessness.I remembered once how i sat in my parked car and watched a boy getting his head stomped on and kicked repeatedly by two was wedged in the gutter and i remember thinking ..'why won't they stop...surely he must be dead much can a skull take...all this while i drifted in and out of conversations with the emergency services...'yes madame which service do you require'...the police you silly eternity passed...the pounding assault continued...i couldn't make the horn work..i wanted to frighten them them that there was a witness, i hung up the phone .i was talking to people who couldn't help me or the victim, they were too far away....i was hysterical...thumping at the horn( the ignition needed to be turned on for the horn to work...perhaps providence made that happen....i was safer with them not seeing me i now realise in retrospect)the lights wouldn't work either ,for the sae reason.I was trapped in a time in a dream where you are trying to run or call but nothing happens.I wanted to be the terminator and get out of the car and say' asta la vista baby...or,' make my day mother fucker', and shoot at their feet ,'now dance motherfucker'...i was so angry with myself.for being a woman...a weak helpless idiot...
the phone rang ...
it was my partner..
i told him in seconds what i was witnessing..
.'go' he said..'get out of there!'
.'fuck off i screemed ' and hung up...
it rang again.
'police'....i heard .
i hoollered at them a description of everything i was seeing...blow for each strike and crushing kick impacted with his beautifl skull...i was in tears and so confused ..why do people do this ..he was some mothers child...he might be dead now...they stopped and walked away...very casually...i ran to the boy...limp still...and helpless....i cried as if he was my own and saw the glistening red pool accumulating under his angellic head...he was black and sculpted to ebony....full lips slightly parted and grazed with dirt and blood...his lashes were long and his skin was silky smooth...he was breathing i think...moaning...i spoke softly to him as i sobbed'..i'm so sorry '..i repeated.
another man from nowhere appeared ...
we said stuff...dum stuff to each other...
and then there was a tap on my shoulder ,
i turned,
it was the police,we spkoe as a crowd gathered and pushed me backwards.
then i was alone....and the blackness closed in ...and the emptiness of the night seemed huge compared to swallowed me and i was numb.
some body from the school drove me car was in the tapped off zone..and i was not allowed to take it.....i was stunned and didn't know what to do..
why did i see this?
why couldn't i help?...why.........
.the old man was trying to pick up the bag which wasn't a bag!.but it was simply too heavy....too cumbersome ,his body contorted and twisted, he was partially hidden from my view by a london plane tree...the ones which have the dappled ,patchwork quilt look on the bark ,which looks as if it could be peeled off in separate little puddle shapes..i glimpsed a foot..without a shoe?it was a clumsy looking foot....and then a knee...and it was stifff....a hand with wrinkles and a shiney ring which caught the sunlite...a wedding ring i think....thoughts .steps.voices muffled...images ,rushing stuff in my head.zoe had nearly reached ......reached was a woman ,an old woman.neither could manoever themselves so as to be able to get her up...why was the bus driver just looking...why won't he help',why doesn't zoe get there in time...'run zoe...quickly..'
she arrived just as the old lady arose...
blood down her face.....sparkling in the light....he held her at her elbow to steady her.she was visibly shaking and he was shaken heart wanted to explode in my i was gripped by the reminder of something very touching.i felt his anguish....she was his everything..
her demise was his too.....
when nanny died ,grandad,a big ,strong man,of five languages, a pilot in the RAF and a once black belt in judo...all 15 stone of him...cried like a baby on my shoulder...
'what am i going to do now.....without her?'he had wept.
'..i didn't know what to say...i just drowned in that instant in his emptiness..
.this was the feeling i had now...
.this woman ,who's simple time.
.mis -judgement..
.complacent confidence in what should be such a simple thing take one step up a step....
.had brought reality home with a resounding thump...
to all of us who were witness..
how close we are to waits at every corner....every step...and a slip in time...reveals him to us.our day to day unawarness of our mortality
i heard zoe's voice ...feeble and dumb' ,
i'm sorry' she said,
'i do not even have a tissue',
the blood was running down the old womans lip...
.'would you like to use my phone'...she said to them.
i suppose it was all she had to offer...
..'no thankyou dear...
..i have my husband'replied the old woman.
i turned to walk towards the steps ...from many amazing steps two days before, to one mis-placed step today...i think that's enough steps for now..

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